Legionella control system, The Midlands UK
Legionella control system, The Midlands UK

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The vision on of Heinz Peter Stoessel (conceptional design and handling of the entire planning approval process) in this project was to develop an integrated energy solution which would re-define the term “state-of-the-art” when it comes to commercial buildings.

This objective was realised in 2010 through Stihl GmbH Austria’s management team and Immosolar Alpina GmbH Austria working closely together as technology partners. The result is clear to see. Maximum reduction in operating costs and CO2 -free operations have been made possible thanks to a combination of highly innovative technologies. Intelligent components and high functionality, from dynamic simulation calculations, high grade materials for the geothermal store below the building, solar thermal system, heat pumps and buffer cylinder through to an Energy Management System (EMS), mean it is possible for up to 88% of the energy to come from renewable sources; the remaining electricity requirement of the heat pumps, around 12%, can be covered by a photovoltaic system or by using green electricity. This allows heating, cooling and ventilation to be powered entirely by renewable energies.

Because of the high degree of innovation involved in the project and its technical and financial scalability, in December 2010 the committee of the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund marked the scheme out as having “Relevance, quality and economic potential based on the subsidy programme” as part of the “Solar Thermal – Large-scale Solar Plants” initiative; it was also awarded a year of scientific research support by AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna).

Property type Office building and distribution centre
Year of construction 2012
Gross floor area (GFA) 5,500m2
System EMS with geothermal brine store
Completion 2012
Use 2 x IS-EMS heat pump 144 kW, solar thermal
system 120 x IS-PRO 2H, geothermal store below
office and distribution centre, EnergyController
DN 50, underfloor heating system
Specialties Scientific research support by AIT
Energy savings per year 645,000 kWh/year
Reduction in
CO2 emissions per year
330,000 kg CO2/year
Regenerative portion of
energy demand
100% by green electricity

For more information please contact - info@newenergymanagement.co.uk

Legionella control system, The Midlands UK Legionella control system, The Midlands UK

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